Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Addition V2.0

Here are some publications of 2009/10 where some of my stuff is in...YEAH!

Graff Wars, Belio, Graffiti NY, Saner

GRAFF WARS published by Kontur Forlag in Oslo. Great book about Star Wars related Graffiti. Last year i did this wall "He is no good to me dead!" with KACAO77 featuring the coolest Star Wars Character Boba Fett! Photos by Just Thanks Kacao!

BELIO 032 Neo-Psychedelia with a 10 page feature of my artworks, exclusive stuff and small interview! Get it here! Thanks Pablo and Javier!

GRAFFITI NEW YORK published by Abrams featuring the wall i painted with "compadre chaos MEKI" in NYC 2008 at Five Pointz Hall of Fame in Queens (first row/middle). Thanks Meres and Dizm!

SANER book published by Belio featuring the collabo piece done in Berlin last summer! Definetly check this crazy mexican out :) and the book too! Yeah it`s from 2009 but who fuckin`cares! Thanks Pablo, Javier and Saner!