Montag, 7. Februar 2011

2010 addition

Finally (weeks later) i managed to sort out some photos... some stuff from the "Endgegner" show with my mate FlyingFörtress in Yverdon Les Bains CH at LaGrille (thanks so much Joan, Julien and Thomas for everything!), new drawings for the "Fresh Produce" at AnnoDomini Gallery in San Jose USA and finally photos from the "Schöne Bescherung" exhibition at Superplan here.

Painting, painting, painting...



Fluor green, gold and dark blue silkscreen print 50x70cm on 300g/m2 paper edition of 50. Get it here!

Thanks Thomas for the superb printing quality!

Super la classe artworks from Flying Fortress

Thanks to the LaGrille crew!

In the free time (and f***in` minus degrees)

Pen on old paper for the "Fresh Produce" exhibition

Pen on old paper for the "Fresh Produce" exhibition