Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

2 times Poland // 2nd part Kraków

Came back from the opening of my solo exhibition "Creatures From The 23rd Dimension" at BARAKA in Krakow. The 5 days in the city were incredible! The cityself itself looks like a movie background because it looks so unbelievable great. I arrived on tuesday after 4 hours delay and started to prepare the installation for the exhibition. After working on wednesday 14 hours and thursday 6 hours the show/installation was ready... the opening was a blast with around 400 people coming by. After too much wodka i needed a day off and painted with NAWER on saturday. Big dschinkuje to Maciek (and his wife for the super saturday evening dinner) and NAWER for the great time in Krakow! Hello and see you to Bartek, Magda and all the people i met!

BARAKA ... if you are in Krakow check it out! a super cool place for a coffee and maybe some wodka ;)

Tuesday: Starting the installation

Wednesday: 14 hours of building and painting

Thursday: Final touch ups and OPENING!

Painting at FABRYKA on saturday

NAWER x BASE23 | Laser Elevator

Dear german readers check the sign on the top of the front window