Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

2 times Poland // 1st part Białystok

First i was invited doing a workshop for artschool students and graff writers in Bialystok alongside RSN-ODIN (Bialystok), AZO (Kiev) and SUNT (Gdansk). I stayed some days and really enjoyed the city while painting three small collaboration pieces in the free time. THANKS Tomasz and his lovely wife, "the teachers", the people from the workshop, the guys from the short movie festival and crazy Peter for the good time!

I don`t really believe in any kind of religion but the churches were just awesome!

One of the oldest stores in town and the logotype is a burner!

Some weird "german bars" in the city centre

Beware of the dog!

The Crew! Represent!

Detail of the collabo with AZO

On my stop over in Warszawa