Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Recent Exhibitions

Here are some photos of my latest installations for the "Concrete Playground" and "PST!..." exhibitions. In the future i would like to build more 3D stuff like a "Geisterbahn" (ghost train). Thanks to Disturbanity, Marius and Zonenkinder for inviting me to these great exhibitions plus JensBesser and Twik for the photos in Hamburg and Essen. Special thanks to HorstOne for helping me in Hamburg! Check here for more photos of "Concrete Playground" and "PST!..."

Installation at the "PST!..." exhibition | Gängeviertel Hamburg
You have to walk on the tongue (it`s hard to see it on the photo but the red carpet got the shape of a snake tongue) through the mouth to see the artworks in the back.

Detail at the "PST!..." exhibition

Installation at the "Concrete Playground" exhibition | Zollverein Essen
The main idea was to have an impression of a flat wall when you look from a distance...

... and when you take some steps to the side you will see some parts are "3D"!