Dienstag, 6. April 2010

Recent Trips

Here are some flicks of my recent trips to the "Ruhrpott" and Madrid.

MEKI, BASE23 and ZMEone Bochum

We painted around 16 hours (2,50 x 14 mtrs) at minus degrees in a tunnel.
Thanks ZME for the great time in the "Ruhrpott"!

Me, myself and i


Chillin in the BELIO office

DEEone, MEKI and BASE23

After 2 hours painting it started to rain and we continued for another 6 hours. There was no other opportunity and we finished the piece freezing and soaked to the skin.

The Mudd Club

After painting it was time to go out and we ended in a bar where the first "Female Arm Wrestling Contest" was held. For sure we had a lot of fun!

Another cool bar in Madrid... somehow i forgot the name but the interior was awesome! Tons of action figures and other weird stuff

While Deeone and Meki went back to Germany on sunday i spent the day painting with BRUJO, BESDO, GORE before heading back to Berlin.


THANKS to Javier of BELIO magazine!