Montag, 23. November 2009

SANER book out now!

My mate SANER from Mexico City has his first book out now! Published by the good guys from BELIO magazine. Great stuff and now buy it here :)



Dienstag, 3. November 2009

Leguan, Leguan... was geht ab! aka STROKE 0.1

Pisa73 and me went to Munich last week to show the artworks of SuperplanStudio (BASE23, INK-A-ZOID, PABO and PISA73) at the Urban Art Fair STROKE 0.1. The fair was a huge success with around 4000 visitors in 3 days and not to forget tons of fun with the people of HATCH, ARTBASTARD, ATM and ROCKAWAY BEAR! Will post some more photos soon! Check here for some! BIG THANKS to Vicky and Sebastian for the president suite at their hotel :)

Get started!

In the "free time" at the legendary Poccistrasse-Hall
BASE23 and PISA73

LOS OJOS... Opening Photos

Here are some photos of my first solo exhibition in Berlin. Thanks to all who dropped by it was a great evening! Special thanks to Ani, Päddä, Meki, Superplan, Boa and Dee for their help! More photos here!

The Crowd Outside

The Crowd Inside


Recent Exhibitions

Just want to share some photos of exhibitions where i have been in Berlin lately.
Just in case:
1. I don`t blog artwork of famous artists to give my stuff more "credibility"!
2. No, i don`t know any of the artists in person!
3. In case you don`t believe me... FUCK YOU!


For me the black and white POINTMEN where the best pieces in the gallery

FUTURA signing records... mine too :)

SWOON opening at Urban Art Info

One of my favorite pieces

PART ONE opening at Common Ground Gallery

Check out PART`s great book from "FromHeretoFame Publishing"!