Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine!

No Photoshop-Fake-Shit that`s how you look like when you paint in summer :)

Black Forest, 2Pac and Freiburg

On my recent trip i went to the Schwarzwald area (Black Forest) that means mountains, south germany and good beer :) On one day i went to Freiburg to meet DUST whom i never met in person before (crazy internet shit :) and do a wall with him. The sun was burning like hell again!

View from the balcony of "my" house

AHA! I guess the funniest train station i saw in my life!

For sure! Shout outs to gangster bitch Susi!

Around 2,50 x 6 mtr

BASE23 DUST Freiburg City

Berlin Pankow

It took a while to finish this piece because the wall starts at the height of 1,80 mtr. This one was painted together with SCUM and NEON. Almost over 60 years of Graffiti on one wall :) Will upload the final collage soon...

At work


Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009

Copenhagen Roskilde Mayhem

Had a great time with master of disaster MEK One and lots of other writers in Copenhagen and Roskilde 2 weeks ago. First stop Copenhagen/Sydhavn one of the greatest hall of fames i painted at. We met GEBES (DK), DOES (NL) and CHAS (NL) for a big production. The weather was awesome and once again i got sunburned as hell.

King Mek and his plastic boat aka airbed

Mad Cat and me

Triple eye vision

Mek and Base23

Full collage stolen from Gebes :)

After we finished the wall we went to Roskilde where the situation was like that:
The festival opens on thursday but 10000 people broke down the fences on saturday to get a good camping place and to "start" the festival. In short there was complete anarchy on the camping places because there was not much secruity at that moment. The autobahn and streets around the festival area was full of people carrying their stuff (tents and beer) with shopping carts and trolleys. Never have seen something like this in my whole life...
After some beers and walking around in the favellas (camping place) we started painting the next day.

It was impossible to get the whole wall on one photo! i painted a 50mtr production (alongside Nutroe, Mek, Enuff, Chucky, Nike, Bone and a lot of other writers which names i can`t remember) and next to us where around 100mtr to paint and many many more walls. I think the day we started where 35 writers painting...

Making of "Climate Demon"


Canvas i did for the Graff-Exhibition at Roskilde

Totally wrecked we went off to Copenhagen on tuesday to chill. We stayed at Nørrebro area and this was passing by...

Pretty hard to get crossed on a train... maybe a good reason to leave the city!?

Finally after 8 hours i was back in Berlin on wednesday and was wrecked the next 3 days... If you like to see more what happened in Roskilde check here
Thanks and skøl to all people i met in these five days of fun! Special thanks to TIWS for the support!