Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009


Finally here are the last flicks of my recent trips...

Lunatic Festival | Lüneburg

Here is what happened in short
1. Met my friend uncle Smirnoff
2. First outline
3. A little problem with the balance (17.00h)
4. Finished dirty character

Thanks to the Lunatic crew, uncle smirnoff, red bull and becks for their support! I had a great time!
After the festival i went off to Hamburg citeeey. On sunday i went half drunk with brother SUPE to Itzehoe.

Supe Base23 Festival | Itzehoe

SUPE BASE23 | Eye Waterfalls

Zonenkinder Base23 Festival | Hamburg

This is one of the greatest signs i have seen in my life ("We have space for graffiti artists! Go for it! ...but only on the backside wall")

Fade away

BASE23 ZONENKINDER | Yummy brezn!