Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009

O`zapft is! So a schmarn! Kriegst gleich a watschn!...

After 3 weeks of stress preparing everything for the exhibition it was time to chill. Me and my girl went to Munich to visit some friends, have some good bavarian food and a beer or two.

Really like this "advertisement" in an underground station

Before and after... BURP!

We went to the Toy-Museum in the city centre. They have some really cool robots on display. Here are some of my favorites: A Chogokin and Star Wars rip off

I tried to open the cabinet to get some "souvenirs" but they had cctv, sensors and detectives

The "brown robot" is one of my favorites as well! It`s from the 16th century, made out of clay i think, from the Czech Republic and is called "The Golem"!

"Happy Hooligan" tin toy... what the fuck???

On saturday we went to a fleamarket at the "Trabrennbahn". Very cool place with antique stuff and trash inside the whole place

The store is not worth it but the name and the shop sign are cool

Burns and Base23 | Minus 10 degrees and snow. So what?

Kunstpark Ost