Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009


After a great opening with up to 300 people the whole evening, here are finally the photos!
Thanks to Aone, Eliot | BK AFM and Akim | HipHopStützpunkt for their great support! And of course the sponsors On The Run, Carhartt, MTN, Zitty and Prinz!
Will post detail shots of my artworks soon

Thanks for printing the posters and free advertisement space

The crowd "A" | | Photo Akim

The crowd "B" | Photo Akim

My final installation "Las Máquinas de Pintura de la RAL Galaxia-Parte Uno"

Caution! Space X-Rays!

"Máquina Gigante"

Detail "Máquina Gigante" | Photo Pisa73

Artwork (Stencils on cardboard boxes), installation and photo Pisa73

Stitchings on canvas | Eliot BK-AFM | | Photo Pisa73

"Heavy Metal Graffiti" (Stencil on cardboard) | Evol CTink | Photo Pisa73