Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008

El Dia De Los Muertos!

"Day of the Dead!" That`s how we felt on sunday after partying like hell. To our surprise we met Hocus and did this collaboration.

Hocus, Base23, Supe

Dienstag, 10. Juni 2008


MekOne and me went to NYC for the first time in the beginning of may for 10 days. The trip was awesome and here is what happened...

Arrival at the 16th floor in Manhattan aka "Endzeitstimmung".

Saturday breakfast as usual: "Steak, 3 Eggs, Bacon and French Fries, please!"

Our limo to the party! Loaded with 12 bottles of champagne, 20 girls and 50cent as the driver.

Perfect for a hang over. "Murakami Exhibition" at the Brooklyn Museum on sunday.

Cool bombings on our way to the museum

German coffee machine causes some trouble at Jay`s place

Nice carpets at a fleamarket in Brooklyn

Tourist program on sunday. Chillin at Times Square. Really fun place, because everybody is taking pictures and wants to be photographed. I think around 298000 photos are taken here daily... maybe more

T-Rex at Toys`R`Us. A child`s dream on 5 floors! And a star wars collectors`s too.

Big wheel in the middle of the store!

5 Pointz Hall of Fame / Queens! We went there to get a permission for a wall at the biggest hall in ny, run by MeresOne and Dizm. The atmosphere is incredible: Overground subways passing by and cool productions by writers from all over the world on every wall. Check 5PTZ

Me in Cinatown

Monday in the Bronx. We went to Tuff City to buy cans; the shop is a mixture of tattoo/graffiti store and customers will get their tattoo in small recreated ny subway cars. We took the wrong station and walked around 12 blocks through the bronx and found the best and cheapest sneaker stores on our way. The bronx really looked like what i had in my imagination of New York: Small shops, really cool store signs, throw ups, tags and crowded streets.

Another tourist attraction! "Writers Bench" in the South Bronx

DAY 1 | At tuesday morning we went with 45 cans in our backpacks to the "5 Pointz Hall of Fame" to start our 5,5 x 12m production. Around 30 degrees in the daytime and we painted till the evening. We were really tired and the only thing we could manage was drinking beer and checking emails.

DAY 2 | We borrowed ladders and a mobile scaffolding. This crazy thing was kind of sketchy because it moves when you were staying on top and the ground was not really flat. Again we went in the morning and left in the evening.

Leaving Queens

DAY 3 | Final touch ups and taking photos! In 3 days a lot of people went by and gave props to the artists and took hundreds of photos at the hall.


"Welcome to the lay up! Please enter!"
Somewhere in the Bronx

After finishing the mural. We spent a few days on shopping in Manhattan, Chinatown, East Village, Soho, Brooklyn,...

ToyTokyo one of the best toy shops in ny!

Soho (Opposite the Deitch Gallery)


...but take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Hanging out at Anthony Lister`s new studio. Check his wicked art here

Lay up in the Bronx. Next to the Vandal Squad as we were told.
Met New York Legend T-KID 170 and painted in the South Bronx.

T-KID 170, BASE23, MEK

After painting all went to a peruvian restaurant and got some very delicious food. Then we went for some beer and "Iron Man" to T-Kid`s place. A perfect sunday! Check out T-KID`s stuff here

Last piece on monday at 5ptz before we left to germany

TV in Queens

Thanks to Mek, Jay and his girl, Rascheljacke, T-Kid, Meres, Dizm, A. Lister, U-Bahn Chinese, Polenbäckerei, MTA Spacken and all the other people i met for their help, support and having a great time in NYC!

Plastic Chapel X BASE23

Painting for the "Plastic Chapel" aka the Denver Clan. The orange character is the logo of the shop.

Tattoo Shop Opening

Bon appetit!