Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Vive la France!

Finally i found some time to update my blog. Here are some flicks of my 2 week trip in France.

First stop was Bordeaux, a very cool city similar to my hometown with nice restaurants, an old theatre that is now a cinema and an old city centre with a lot of small streets to explore.

Skateboarding prohibited and drink and drive signs in the city centre ("Sauf" means "drink a lot" in german).

One of those old wooden robots we saw in the city.

Say Cheese Bordeaux!

After we spent 4 days in Bourdeaux we rented a car and visited a friend close to Bergerac. This futuristic house appeared in the middle of some vineyards.

Churches, castles and old houses everywhere! On the left there is a unfinished rebuild church in Bordeaux (Kärcher rules!)

After Bergerac we went to the atlantic ocean for a week. On our way there was something missing here.

Last stop at the atlantic the Dune du Pilat (the biggest dune in europe 117 m high, 500 m wide and 2,7 km long). The next day we drove back to Bordeaux to catch the TGV to Paris.

The first day we directly went to the Eifeltower and climped up to the 2nd platform. The weather was quite good and we had an awesome view over Paris.

On the 2nd day we went to the Louvre because you have to :) Too much old masters to see and after 6 hours we were completly overloaded with images in our minds. To my surprise they have early pieces of graffiti in their collection.

First tags!

First pieces!

In the streets of Paris: Space Invader everywhere!

"Watch out for the third rail baby!"

In Montmatre we had a coffee with some friends.

An orchestra playing a last song for us in an underground station and we finally went off to germany.